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Ah, the humble headshot.

It’s sometimes denigrated for being beneath the endeavors of a serious photographer. But the headshot is, in many ways, the single most important image these days. It is the first impression for a prospective employer (or future date). It can enchant an agent, convince a contact, or fascinate a friend.

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One of the bigger myths of photography is being photogenic. The simple fact is everyone can look bad in photos - with the wrong light, the wrong pose, the wrong outfit, the wrong hair. On the flip side, anyone can look great. The lighting, the pose, the mien -- there lies the magic of photography.

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Headshot Sessions

I currently operate out of Founders Workspace in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn, just south of the enchanting Prospect Park. We can use the basement for white backdrops or step upstairs for office-style shots or venture out into Brownstone Brooklyn for more atmospheric shots.

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Affordable & relaxed

As I continue to amass experience, I am offering favorable market rates and a generous number of images compared with the market average. My sessions are straightforward:

- 30 minute session

- You receive 4 retouched images

- Cost: $100

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Let’s work together

If you would like to book a standard session, please follow the link below. For custom sessions or if you have any questions, you can contact me at