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I am an emerging photographer who was born in the Paris of the Prairies (Edmonton, Canada), lived more than a dozen years in the Paris of Eastern Europe (Warsaw, Poland) and moved several years ago to New York City (which ended Paris' reign as global capital). I moved here with my beautiful wife and equally beautiful daughter to surf the 'exhilarating hassle' of NYC (thanks Max Kozloff) and find my place in this great big city.

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I have become a photographer relatively late, but visual images and telling stories have long been part of my life. My eye was forged in the university cauldron of film studies and during my many years as a journalist. If photography is nothing more, and nothing else, but writing with light, I am more than happy with both sides of that particular coin.

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Through all of this is my eye and my vision and my desire to see the world differently. As we have seen in recent days and months, an atavistic craving to view everything through the same lens colors the vision of those who want to see all in black or white, good or bad. Alternative views are seen as attacks on a mythical oneness and the nostalgia of the old for the paradise lost of their youth. Yet, I believe that the more ways we see the world, the better it can be. The oblique angle tells us something of the way we are.

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Thus, I want to photograph you and her and him and them, trees soughing in the breeze as grandmas daydream in the park, kids scooting by, dogs running by, bikes cruising past, a rat with a pizza (why not), the old man walking on the street, a dad and his dog and his beloved daughter, the tennis couple playing as a golden light bathes them in movement, a pregnant woman eating a popsicle, and maybe even a politician who doesn't yet realize history will consign him to the ranks of the evil.

Yours faithfully, ~ S.